I do always feel little embarrassed that every time I try on a Japan or Korean Clothes which looked chic in the store window, however feel that it looks awful on you after put on them. 

Sounds familiar around you? Okay, from my eyes, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your body, due to each kind of body own differ style of dress. 

You can sure dress according to your body shape looks. Don’t worry there, there are some tips for you on How to select Japan and Korean Clothes for your body shape in perfect looks.

1. An apple-shaped body

Maxi and casual dress will be the better choice.

Sexy V Neck Mini Dresses for Plus Size 

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2. A pear-shaped body

Make sure to wear dark, solid colors for your bottom half and lighter, brightly colored tops.

Euro Fashion Dots Short Sleeve Evening Dress

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