Whenever there are sweater theme articles appear, many readers will say that the favorite still for V-neck sweater.

Indeed, V-neck sweater fashion and wild, but also a small face, there is no reason not to love it.

In fact, V-neck sweater can be so wear


The temperature allowed to the case, the V-neck sweater pulled down the side of the shoulder to wear the law, but also very popular with European and American bloggers.


Collar sweater and white T-shirt can also be taken together to wear, looks simple and casual.


The weather was warm, last summer was very sought after shirt skirt can also be set to wear V-neck sweater to wear.

Spring comes, V-neck sweater and thin coat is more match with each other.


Spring came, the winter coat in the thick gradually do not need to wear, sections of fashionable thin coat will become the main force of the street, and V-neck sweater and thin jacket is also very match.


Suit jacket plus V collar sweater is a very classic combination, and can be very business can be very casual, I believe many people have so through.


V collar sweater match ways

a. sweater + pants

b. V-neck sweater + skirt


I've already written about 11 posts about Wholesale Clothing in the past year

However, did you know that this year 2017 there is a growing in Wholesale Clothing industry accordin to Clothing market data analysis.

I predict the popular styles in Wholesale Clothing are the following three:

Boutique Dress

Boutique dresses are suit you to your every special event. Elegant, sexy or splendid looking they will make.

Couple Dress Clothing

Nowadays, couple clothing is become a new popular trend, young couples love to wear couple shirts to show their affection and attract others’ eyesight . There are many types of colorful fashion couple shirts for you to choose at Wholesale7. 

Next: Jeans
womens jeans, skinny jeans, ripped jeans and more ......


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Time passed quickly, and we standing in 2017 now. Fashionable Wholesale Bags are what every woman in need for the New Year's wardrobe, and the needed accessories for your party night. Don't you? So I want to ask you whether you have decided well or no yet?

Each of them is the fashion blogger's favorite.
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Any quastion or good ideas? can you tell me here?
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