Though it’s end of summer, designs for fall have emerged on our shelves and are now ready to pick up! 

In addition to the continued love for fashion, colors and styles also the top considerations to the dress for women. 

What's your dreaming trendy color? the arrival of dusty pink, sand yellow and denim blue? Here are the biggest fall fashion trends to look for:

First, the vintage flowers printed lantern sleeve blouse. Have a search of item No. SPJ082107 on Google and you will have a contrast with others blouse. This blouse for $6.92 at


Second, new loose embroidered striped blouse in blue. For 3-4 days delivery.


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Best love dresses for autumn days are a little hard, but it's easy to carry some advice from others! :-)

There is a new spirit of grown-up dressing of bare shoulder v neck flouncing dress. Search Item No. AFJ081009YL and you will find $13.33 for this item from


Other hot selling style must be solid side zipper up pants. Find Item No. YMJ081102 from Google and you will get the answer why they are so popular among many buyers.Or click byyourself 


Last one we like to say is, fashion embroidered elastic waist stripe dress, which you can get in 3-4 Days Delivery. Item No. AFJ081029BU


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Most of the fashion website are in big sale of autumn new looks. Wholesale7 offer you the summer last sale dresses. Do remember the following coupon code when you search our site. Come and enjoy my best friends!


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